Ok, let me to introduce myself: my  name is Svetlana St. James... Wow,- could you to think at this moment...She is Russian and St. James?! Why?

 Svetlana - it is my real name, and St.James it is my alias, I took it because "Santa James" it is the real nickname one , very important to me person  after meeting with whom, I decided to change a lot in my life and began working and under creating this school and on the writting the book, which I hope I will finish in the not very far future

I know that many of you have had different experiences and after it, you are feared that you may face, to put it mildly, with not quite adequate people. The presence of two finished educational programs with level of bachelors degree ( in Russia people began to receive the bachelor's degree not so far and we had five-years educationals programms which were equal your University programms of bachelors degree), one of which is medical, I hope will convince you that I am quite sane person


I also have to say, that I am a follower of one of the ancient Slavic traditions, and I passed practical training methodology of the military unit 10003, full course of NEID, the method of Silva and many others, so after time of accumulation knowledge now I am offering to you to know with my own experience. I suggest you only what is tested and in what I am absolutely sure